The results of the project are reported in the following following publications:

Journal papers:

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Conference papers:

  • Honfi D. (2019) Practical Issues in Collecting and Evaluating Structural Health Information on Bridges, 12th International Workshop Structural Health Monitoring (IWSHM 2019), Stanford University, 10-12 September, 2019.
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Research report:

  • Honfi D., Williams Portal N., Leander J., Larsson Ivanov O., Björnsson Í., Plos M., Zandi K., Carneiro E., Lechner T., Magnusson T., Gabrielsson, H. (2018) Inspection and monitoring of bridges in Sweden (RISE Rapport). Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås, Sweden.

Popular science article:

  • Larsson Ivanov O., Leander J., Björnsson I. & Honfi D. (2018) BIG BRO – Beslutsstöd för rationellt underhåll och uppgradering av befintlig infrastruktur, Bygg&Teknik, 7/18.