BIG BRO – Decision support for rational maintenance and upgrading of existing infrastructure


The project’s overall aim is to establish, implement and demonstrate the usefulness of a rational decision support framework for existing transport infrastructure assets.

BIG BRO 1.0 (2016-2018)

In Stage 1 of the BIG BRO project a framework for rational decision making concerning the condition assessment and maintenance of bridges has been defined, where the focus ha been on developing strategies on how various decisions kan be evaluated and to develop a method for supporting decisions with the help of probabilstic tools.

The project has been carried outthrough a collaboration of researchers from reseacrh isntitute (RISE), university (KTH, LTH and Chalmers) and industry (NCC, TYréns).

BIG BR0 2.0 (2019-2020)

Stage 2 aims to further develop and implement the BIG BRO-model for practical applications for both public and private bridge operators concerning e.g. condition assessments and maintenance actions. Consideration is taken to consistent application of decision theory, practical applicability and system perspective.

The work in the project will be carried out by researchers at RISE, LTH, KTH and Skogforsk with contribution from industrial partners such as WSP Sverige and ÅF-Infrastructure. Additional support is provided by Sveaskog and SCA.

Financed by InfraSweden2030, a joint effort of Sweden’s Innovation Agency (Vinnova), the Swedish Research Council (Formas) and the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten)

Financial support provided by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

Project coordinator:
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden